Take it from them 👇😉

If you're in full-time corporate job and have never done coaching...

Monica was in a full-time corporate job and had never been a coach before.

She had big dreams of becoming a meditation coach and impacting lives, but had no idea where to start.

While in the program, she SOLD OUT her first launch...then she sold out ANOTHER and had a waitlist going for the 3rd one...all in less than 90 days.

If you fear structure in your business…

Prior to Impact Accelerator Rebecca had been booking mostly one-off reiki sessions. She desired to work with clients in a more long-term structure so she could deliver greater and more lasting transformations to her clients, as well as claim more time-freedom and financial-freedom for herself. 

Rebecca quickly sold out her first program and had multiple clients commit with payment for the next round.

If you want to grow your coaching business quickly...

Katelyn joined Impact Accelerator and she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to be a coach. 

Thinking back on this makes me laugh because she not only sold out her first launch and landed SEVEN high-ticket clients, she now has sustained $10k recurring revenue in her business after starting at $0. 

And the best part is, she's doing work that feels truly purposeful, truly impactful, and lights up her soul.

If you have a massive vision, but aren't sure where to start...

Bill was a psychotherapist with dreams of revolutionizing mental help therapy.                     

Bill needed a clear business model and the systems and strategies to amplify his impact and make his vision a reality.

During his first week, Bill had a $12,000 week. A month after Impact Accelerator Bill had a $20,000 month.
Now Bill regularly has $20k-30k months.

If you don’t feel good enough...

When Johanna joined Impact Accelerator she had every healing and coaching certification out there.

She had taken all the courses, done all the programs, read every single book, but still hadn’t made the leap to becoming a coach. 

Now, Johanna serves her people through her Superpowers. She has stepped deeper into her power - her fullest expression, AND has clients on a waiting list waiting to work with her.

If you're taking 8 sales calls a day but not closing any of them...

Zach was taking 8 sales calls a day, grinding his energy into the ground, and losing hope on ever becoming a successful coach.

After Day 1, he became crystal clear on his where he was missing the mark. THE NEXT DAY he landed his first high-ticket, monthly recurring revenue client.


If you don't have the money to invest in the growth of your biz...

Amy was reluctant to join because she knew the investment would stretch her thin.

She was scared she wouldn't make the money back from her investment fast enough.

She made her money back and more and had a proven method to draw in consistent income into the future.

If you're not sure if you even want to be a coach...

Drew was stuck in a full-time corporate job wanting more freedom and to live a life by his own design.

He wasn't even sure he wanted to be a coach. And in this program he learned so much about himself that he confirmed that he DID NOT, but he walked away with an understanding of his superpower, fearless confidence, and business principles that he immediately applied.

 Now, he makes more money than he did at corporate and experiences limitless freedom everyday.

If you're not sure if it's the right timing...

Michael had a huge vision of writing books, speaking on stages, and creating massive impact in the world from a super young age.

He just didn't have the clear action plan or accountability to make it happen.

Now Michael works with his dream clients every day and makes massive waves of impact.

If you have a full-time job and a family...

Jessica was a fitness coach working super hard everyday. Health and freedom to travel were values of hers, but she never seemed to have the time for it.

About halfway through Impact Accelerator Jessica started missing calls... Normally as a coach this would worry me. But this time I celebrated!

Because I knew Jessica was having the greatest summer of her life, enjoying tons of time off, being present with her family, and loving the fact that she had built a business that puts freedom and family first.

If you've been an entrepreneur for years and just need more systems and predictable revenue...

Sheree had been an entrepreneur for 10 years and had written books for some of the most prolific people in the personal development space. She would land big contracts and epic clients but was missing the structure, systems, and a scalable business model.

She built her ultimate offer, sold out her launch, and made $25,000 just weeks after launching. She started building her waitlist for the next round.

If you're scared to sell and don't want to be pushy or salesy...

Cindy came into Impact Accelerator with a huge fear of putting herself out there. She feared judgement, disapproval, rejection, and failure.

After learning fearless and aligned sales, she sold out her first retreat with ease, confidence, and immense support from her family and network.

If you've never been a coach before...

Chris was a 23-year old college graduate that hated the idea of going into corporate. He knew he had so much more to offer the world.

He made the choice to bet on himself and as soon as he launched his offer, he made his first $5k. This redirected the course of his entire career and life.

If there are a lot of pieces to your business and you're not sure how to pull it all together...

Mada and Craig had intricate, expansive, and visionary business ideas, but didn't know how to pull it all together into a clear cohesive plan.

They left the program with the structure and systems to generate millions into the future.