I help coaches, consultants, and creators unlock their entrepreneurial potential, build a wildly profitable, industry-leading lifestyle business, and live with ultimate freedom.


Ready to create a high-impact 6-figure business (to get you started) with the freedom to explore the world?

In just 90 days you will learn how to build your life work into one signature program and sell out the launch, without selling out, selling yourself short, or sacrificing your health and happiness.


Matt's Model for Life & Business

I’ve spent my life constructing my own model of understanding on “how to create impact” for one simple reason: to maximize my own impact in my life and in the lives of others.

And here's what I found:

Humans are wired and conditioned to seek

Security  Abundance  Freedom  Happiness

It’s a clear and compelling path, but it falls short of the ultimate goal…

I propose a new way:

1. Create a life you love

2. Learn how to be happy in the present regardless of the environment

3. Feel free to do whatever you want, when you want, with whoever you want

4. Create the efficient systems to generate tangible abundance

5. Feel intrinsic love for life and everything that it is

Unconventional, but it’s simple.

You'll need nothing.

You’ll have everything.

Lead the life you love.

Love the life you live.

Then you are complete



The 90-Day Freedom-Focused, Impact-Driven Business Accelerator

Package your expertise into a high-impact coaching program,

then launch it and land new high-value clients in less than 90 days 🚀



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"Each day of this engagement with Matt was so powerful that if we stopped after 3 days, I would have felt like the return far exceeded the cost. I think that's what it comes down to."

Chet Morjaria
Communications Coach and Consultant, Founder of Realign Global, Best-Selling Author of Work Worth Doing

"Matt is an amazing coach, and overall human. His passion for helping others is undeniable, as is his zest for his craft and ability to create results (with the willing participation of his clients, of course). He is attentive and pragmatic, offering thoughtful insight while asking tough questions in the process of aiding your growth. I am grateful for his heart and leadership, and would recommend him to anyone looking to create repeatable structures and systems in their business. Thanks for everything, Matt."

Sheree Trask
Ghostwriter/ Writing Mentor/ Speaker

"During this 60-day program, I started my own business, landed 10 clients, and am generating an additional $4k per month while feeling more connected to what I do and working less than I used to. I was able to finally define what I actually wanted – financial freedom, a lifestyle business, and work on my own terms. From there the process to actually make this vision a reality was seamless as we developed the actual strategies to execute. Previously I was working all day, 6-days a week, spent free time prospecting, and only made 35% commission per sale. Now I'm working when I want, have a waiting list of clients that pay automatically each month, make 100% of every sale, and spend my free time riding my brand new dirt bike I bought as a gift to myself with the extra money I made from the program."

Benjamin Mavity
Master Personal Trainer & Owner of Total Engage Fitness

"I am a heart-centered educator, whose passion is to serve and support committed teachers who feel constrained and exhausted take back their classrooms and their lives. And ultimately, take their career and fulfillment to the next level. Two key reasons for my joining Impact Accelerator: I wanted to deliver REAL impact and OVERCOME myself to make it happen. My experience with Impact Accelerator has been most rewarding. I have grown personally and professionally to the degree that I could not imagine possible. I'd like to send a heartfelt thanks to my Coach Matt at Hersh Research Institute. You ARE a brilliant coach, who has certainly over delivered your gifts in growing me to become a better version of myself. All the best as you help others grow themselves AND their impacts."

Cindy Tu
Coach of Educators


In 2016, after getting my Masters at an Ivy League university, I landed a corporate consultant job at a prestigious firm. It was high-status with 6-figure pay but it required 80-hour weeks behind a desk, in a restrictive button-down shirt, under fluorescent lights, at the top of a concrete building in Boston. I didn’t know it was possible but after some of the worst weeks, I literally would have nightmares in Microsoft Excel. I learned a lot, especially – how to trick my brain into ignoring the natural world and human instincts, so that I could focus on the massive [but unimpactful] task at hand for unlimited hours on end. I was making a lot of money, but I was losing touch with so much of what mattered in life. I was really good at what I did, but I was exhausted. I needed to focus back on my health. So I did. I took stock of what my constraints were and created an optimized lifestyle within those constraints. I became keto, took cold showers, wore blue light blockers, and was the first in my office to embrace the standing desk.

[BEFORE keto was kool, before Wim made it to Joe Rogan, before Swanwick = SoWoke]. I was going against the grain, but going after growth. As a platform for accountability and experimentation, I created a blog,, to share my story of a corporate consultant trying to stay fit, and healthy, for real, within the constraints of the business world. It was a good start. But it wasn't enough. I was getting more and more into biohacking, and less and less into spreadsheet hacking. I knew I needed to converge my skillset of business strategy consulting with my passion for long-term health and human performance. I was so ready to leave the consulting job, and do something that meant something to me.

I took 3 months of unpaid pro-bono work within a fitness company focusing on long-term health and human performance. I finished that gig but knew there was more I could do here. I presented an I'll-take-you-to-the-moon proposal to the management team. They loved it - and I became COO and co-owner of the business. The company needed a big turnaround to deliver the impact and profitability, of which they were capable. I highlighted the need for external funding and set about getting it. As a result, we secured $ hundreds of thousands of seed funding and created a brand suite of new products and services. I was really good at what I did, but once again I was exhausted. Yet again, I found myself restricted in what I could do. I found myself working more than I did in consulting for a fraction of the pay. I stopped going out, stopped dating, didn’t travel, and lived on sardines and avocados because they had the most keto-calories per dollar. This started to feel all too familiar..

I was wrapped up in my own ways, being stubborn, driving forward but flying with no clear plan, and found it difficult to make meaningful long-term decisions. I needed to step away from it all. I was at an all-time energetic low. So I resigned and gave back my equity. I used my savings to book a retreat with someone who I knew could help me tap into what I really wanted and needed - Tony Robbins, and a trip to Tulum for the space to process it all. Then I got back, energized, and did the deep inner work. I got back in touch with my big vision. I challenged everything about myself and identity. I channeled my time and energy toward health, healing, and happiness.

I realized: Instead of thinking in career stepping stones, it was time to take a leap into my vision and create MY ultimate business. I optimized for freedom. I optimized for vision. I optimized for impact. I optimized for health. I optimized for healing. I optimized for happiness. I did it by making every single decision in line with my vision of the life I wanted to live and the greatest impact I could have on my people. The money was the natural by-product of aiming every decision directly towards my vision, raising my energy, and having my greatest impact along the way. $120k of it.

I did this by asking myself one question:

How can I take what I am best at and create the most impact with it?

The answer:

Wrapping up my story and unique skillset into the program that would help my people overcome their biggest problems and achieve the life THEY want to live, while consistently living the life I wanted to live. 

- A program that helps my clients create six-figure business WITH the freedom to explore the World.

- Build their life’s work into their ultimate business, and sell out the program launch

- A High-Value Program that solves a big problem for THEIR clients and drives towards THEIR vision

- A structured, high ticket offer that they actually enjoy selling

- A clear and easy system for getting more of the right leads for their program

A program that changes their life so that they wake up to multiple $5k payments in their bank account, get new followers on a daily basis, go out to restaurants and parties, and have daily time for rest, meditation, health, and fitness.

I've seen the life-changing impact it has had on my clients. And there is nothing more fulfilling than helping my people create a life they love, find happiness in the moment, feel free to do what they really want, live a life they love, and love the life they live.

Zach David Paul, Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Michael T. Ward, Men's Life Coach

Bill Wilder, Unconventional Mental Health Therapist, Founder of The Wilder Method™

Sheree Trask, Author Mentor & Writer, Founder of Author Accelerator™

Drew Cohen, Founder of Mantra Organics

Mada Abdelhamid, Pro Basketball player, WWE Superstar, Celebrity Trainer, and Founder of Real Deal Lifestyle

Chris Varano, Mental Health & Performance Coach